EN ISO 9001
  • Our products and services that fully and completely meet customer needs and expectations
  • Ensuring the same and constant quality standard
  • It certifies that all the process performed in our company are carried out by tried and tested methods
EN ISO 13485
  • To produce medical coolers and freezers at a higher level of safety and quality
  • It is our quality management system that we apply for design, development, production, assembly and after-sales services.
CE Certificate
  • Because of the importance we place on quality and reliablity
  • We apply all international requirements and have the necessary qulity certificates 
  • We increase our prevalance in world markets
  • We offer products with a higher level of safety and quality
  • UTS records are available under the medical device directive 93/42/EEC
  • Risk Analysis according to ISO 14971:2012 standard


Service Competence Certificate
  • Providing the best service in after-sales services is our most precious policy.
  • We continuously improve all after-sales services that will increase the satisfaction of our customers with our products.
After Sales Services Competence Certificate
  • The rights of our customers in after-sales services are guaranteed in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection.
  • Service, repair and maintenance services offered by our authorized after-sales services are carried out in accordance with the rules and safely.
  • Our company has all the necessary infrastructure features.
Medical Device Sales Authority Certificate
  • Coolermed medical refrigerators and freezers sales and production activities are carried out according to Turkish Ministry of Health's published regulations in Turkey.
  • All obligations arising from regulations are fulfilled to better serve our customers.