-86 Degree Ultra Low Temperature Freezers on the way!

Explaining that they will start to produce ultra-deep freezers at -86 ° C at the beginning of 2021, Öztaş general manager Ersin Öztaş emphasized that minus 86 LWF670 cabinets will be used for the storage of products used in covid 19 vaccines, plasma, stem cell and IVF operations.

Öztaş is growing with Greencooler in Coolers and Coolermed in Medical

Öztaş, which started its activities in 1980 and provides services in metal processing, achieved a rapid growth in the commercial cooler sector, which it entered in 2016 with the Greencooler brand. In 4 years, the company increased its cooler range to 120 types, mostly high-tech products. It took its place in the health sector in a short time by producing vaccine and blood storage cabinets, plasma and -86 deep freezers with the brand of Coolermed for the medical sector.