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29 September 2020

Öztaş is growing with Greencooler in Coolers and Coolermed in Medical


Öztaş started its activities in 1980 and provides services in metal processing, achieved a rapid growth in the commercial cooler sector with its Greencooler brand in 2016. In 4 years, the company increased its cooler range to 120 types, mostly high-tech products. In the health sector Öztaş has been producing vaccine and blood bank refrigerators, plasma deep freezers and -86 ultra low temperature freezers with the brand of Coolermed.


Our Machine Park Expands Parallel to the Business Volume


Stating that Öztaş Metal Solutions produces parts for sectors such as white goods, automotive, agricultural tools, machinery, food with CNC machines, General Manager Ersin Öztaş said, “Currently, we produce for the leaders of their sectors such as Krone Trailer, BMC, Gram Equipment, BSH Gaggenau, Arçelik, Vestel. Last year we expanded our machine park. 2 x 24 meter laser cutting machine has been activated. We started to cut trailer parts from solid sheet metal up to 10-12 meters. We invested in a high level fully automatic press brake. Our three-dimensional measurement laboratory has been activated. Thus, we have become able to report certified. We went one step further and got our 15085-2 railway vehicles manufacturing certificate ”.



We Develop Products Focused on Customer Needs in Our R&D Center


Mr Öztaş highlighted that they entered the cooling industry in 2016 and added “Since 2017, we have been producing commercial type coolers with the Greencooler brand. In 2019, we launched our vaccine refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers and serum cabinets. We completed the registration and CE certificate, under the brand name Coolermed. In the last year we have sold many refrigerators and freezers to pandemic hospitals, city hospitals and private hospitals. Last year our R&D Center was registered by the ministry. We have the capacity to produce 125 thousand coolers annually. We work with a team of 350 people in an area of ​​24 thousand square meters. Until now we have been producing coolers with a volume of 75 to 800 liters, and in this year we will add 1400-liter cabinets to our product range. Our minus series glass vertical coolers are on the market as 4 models in the range of 200-600 liters. As a next step, we will launch 28 models of chest display freezers and storage freezers. These products’ field tests have been continuing and will be on market at the end of this year ”.


Freeze Dry Machines that Freeze Dry with Lyophilization Technology


Explaining that they started to develop Freeze Dry, known as freeze drying in food and lyophilization technology in health sector in 2018, Öztaş said, “In this technology, the product is frozen up to minus 40, then the liquid in vacuum is drawn up to 200 millitorr while heating it to plus 50 degrees. drying. imalatçısıyız in Turkey, the first of these machines that we offer to the market in the middle of last year. About 25 of our small laboratory type machines are used in the market. At the end of this year, we will launch small industrial machines with a daily capacity of 150 kilograms. In the sixth month of 2021, we will produce 350, 600 at the end of 2021, and in 2022, we will complete all series in two years. In addition, we have a non-household product with a capacity of 5 kilograms. "If we can reduce the investment cost and bring it to the size that the consumer can use, we can put it in the houses."


Stating that the vitamin and mineral values ​​of the products are protected by 96-98% with this technology, Öztaş said, “When the product meets with water, it returns to its original 96%. If packaged correctly, it can stay on the shelf for 2 to 25 years. It is possible to increase the added value of agricultural products with this machine. For example, 10 kilograms of strawberries, which are 8 Euros, fall to 1 kilogram when dried using this method, but 1 kilogram is sold for 28 Euros. So the price increases more than 3 times. With this method, not only herbal products, but also many areas such as meat, cooked food, animal food, books in the library and phytotherapy in the health sector can be dried ”.


We Start Producing The First Domestic and National -86 Deep Freezers


With the brand Coolermed 2-4 - 40 degrees of cooling that makes the vaccine, blood, plasma and serum cabinets Öztaş stressed that they produce, "last year, sales in Turkey have made a total of 500 thousand due to many hospitals throughout the country. These are smart cabinets that alert when the temperature inside changes, when the door is opened. In addition, we have developed a line that keeps the RFID system animal vaccines in the cold chain from production until the animal is hit. We are also conducting the same work on blood. On the other hand, we are about to complete the first domestic production of the cabinet that cools down to -86 degrees for the protection of products used in processes such as stem cells and sperm storage and in vitro fertilization. We will start production at the beginning of 2021 "

Solar-Powered Coolers Protecting the Cold Chain between 24 hours and 120 hours


Öztaş said that they continue to work to become one of the few manufacturers in the world for field type coolers, which are generally used in the defense industry, and said, “The tests and laboratory studies of this group, which works with 12-14 volt solar energy and can keep its temperature between 24 and 120 hours in natural conditions, have been completed. certification studies continue. This series, which we will present to the market in 5-6 months, consists of 5 sizes between 25 and 350 liters ”.


We Continue to Grow


Stating that they can produce cabinets suitable for different customer needs, Öztaş said, “Our customer tells us that we want to keep this product at this temperature at this time, and we are developing solutions.


We have a 4-year history in the cooling industry, but we already have 9 patents, 11 utility models, 43 design applications, 96 model-based concept design and part design protection, and 120 different product ranges. 2021 will be the period to commercialize our new varieties.


We closed last year with a turnover of approximately 13 million Euros, this year we aim to reach this figure. It's not a bad performance in the pandemic environment, but we're 25 percent below what we planned. We will be more active in world markets next year. We export to 10 countries including Germany, Serbia, Iraq, Ghana, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The share of our exports in our turnover is around 20 percent. I can say that we are number one in medical cabinets with price-quality parity ”.