National -86 Degrees on the way
27 October 2020

-86 Degree Ultra Low Temperature Freezers on the way!

Ersin Öztaş, the general manager of Öztaş Demir Çelik… When you listen to the story of the company, it becomes clear how fast the steps can be climbed with value added production.


The company, which started business in 1980 by manufacturing automotive, machinery and construction steel and sheet metal, gradually increased its knowledge. Öztaş explains: "We started to produce commercial refrigerators in 2016, refrigerators and freezers in 2019 according to the standards of the healthcare industry."


According to the information provided by Öztaş, the company is currently focused on 3 products with high added value. One of them is freeze-dry machine. Öztaş says: “In this technology, the product is frozen up to minus 40 degrees. Then, while heating it up to plus 50 degrees, the essence liquid inside is drawn with vacuum and dried. When the product meets with water, it returns 96 percent to its original. If packaged correctly, it can stay on the shelf for 2 to 25 years. Not only herbal products but also many areas from meat to cooked food and even books in the library can be dried. "


Stem cells…

Explaining that they have started to produce national minus 86 ultra deep freezers, Öztaş says: “We produce medicines, vaccine coolers at 2 -8 degrees, plasma storage deep freezers at minus 40 degrees. We plan to produce ultra-deep freezers that freeze at minus 86 degrees for the protection of products used in operations such as stem cells, sperm storage and in vitro fertilization. We plan to reduce the import figures of our country.


The company, which has an annual production capacity of 100 thousand coolers, works with a team of 350 people in an area of ​​24 thousand square meters.


180 Hours Cold Chain in Nature ...


Another study of the company is solar-powered coolers that protect the cold chain for 24 to 180 hours… Öztaş says: “High-strength cold chain coolers are generally used in the defense industry and field hospitals. We want to be among the few producers of these in the world. Working with 12 -14 volt solar energy, our products can keep the product inside between 24 hours and 180 hours between 2 -8 degrees under harsh natural conditions. Tests are over, certification studies continue. We offer it to the market for 4-5 months. "