About Us

Our success story started in 1980 by manufacturing finished and semi-finished iron, steel and sheet metal, especially in white goods, automotive, machinery and construction sectors. Over the years, our knowledge and production capability have increased. 

With the vision of continuous development and growth, we started to launch our own brands in 2016 by producing coolers for end users.

With Coolermed brand; Our main goal is to produce durable coolers and freezers that fully meet the needs of the health sector's quality, reliablity and innovative solutions, which are used safely for many years.

Coolermed  refrigerators and freezers, which provide high quality standards, are designed according to the needs of the medical sectors.

Our expert and experienced R&D Center is always decicated to developing products with superior features for you. 

Today, Coolermed refrigerators and freezers are used safely in many institutions and organizations operating in the medical field; especially in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and blood bank centers.