Vector Smart Object Net Volume (L): 286 L

Vector Smart Object1 Gross Volume (L): 308 L

Vector Smart Object2 Operating Temperature: -25 / -42 °C

Vector Smart Object3 Enegy Consumption (24h / Watt): 6,99 kWh

External Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 724x778x2156,5
Internal Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 489x487x1477
Net Volume (L) 286
Gross Volume (L) 308
Net Weight (kg) 127
Gross Weight (kg) 137
Insulation Thickness (mm) 120
Operating Temperature -25 / -42 °C
Set Temperature -40 °C
Power Supply [V] 220 / 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Energy Consumption (24h/Watt) 6,99
Backup Battery Life 72 saat
Refrigerant R404a / R410a
Color (exterior) RAL7047
Shelves - Drawers 5 adet
Loading Container 20" 21
Loading Container 40" 45
Loading Container 40" HC 45
Loading Truck 13,6 Mt 54
Remote access via Wi-fi        
Micro SD
(Data storage up to 10 years)
Data Logger (Thermal)        
Wide touch screen        
Body color (exterior)        
Pharmacy Refrigerators
Eco Pharmacy Refrigerators
Blood Bank Refrigerators
Refrigerator / Freezer (Combi)
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Medical Waste Storages
Lyophilization Applicance

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