Industrial Lyophilization Machine

Industrial Lyophilization machine, which has a loading capacity of 100 kg, is a suitable option for commercial high-capacity productions.
It can meet the different freeze-drying needs of the food and medical industries with its 150 kg ice holding capacity and a total shelf capacity of 16 m². 304 CRNI stainless steel body material provides durable construction and reliable hygiene conditions.

The aplliance is used in the production of freeze-dried drugs and foods. The frozen product is processed by applying sublimation and deformation techniques. The molecule and cell structure of the product does not deteriorate. 

It becomes an organic food or medicine dried by preserving its shape, color, aroma and nutritional values. 

Working Principle:

1. Freeze,

2. Primary drying (sublimation),

3. Secondary drying (desorption)

The product is subjected to freezing. Depending on the type of product, the freezing process may be long or short. In the primary drying stage, vacuum is applied in the lyophilization cabinet. As the temperature drops, molecules of high energy fly out spontaneously. In the secondary drying phase, the vacuum is maximized. 

The Advantages of Freeze Dry

  • The temperatures of the foods are not raised therefore the damage caused by the heat does not ocur.
  • Foods protect their appearance, colors, texture, flavors and aromas.
  • Compared to conventional drying methods, the moisture content remaining at the end of the process is 1-2% lower.
  • The reconstituted cells survive at fairly high rates and with low damage and become fresh.
  • Foods preserved by Freeze Dry have a low average weight of 10 to 1.
  • Preservedly packaged products can last for a long time without deterioration at normal ambient temperatures.
  • There is no scorching effect caused by hot air drying at Freeze Dry.
  • Reconstitution of materials is easy, fast and smooth.
  • It is a better solution compared to hot air drying and canning.
  • Vitamin and mineral loss is minimal.
  • There is no significant change in the shape and dimensions of the product.
  • The removed water can be regained.