Vector Smart Object Net Volume (L): 606 L

Vector Smart Object1 Gross Volume (L): 637 L

Vector Smart Object2 Operating Temperature: -55 / -86 °C

Vector Smart Object3 Enegy Consumption (24h / Watt): -

External Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 864x913x2190
Internal Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 624x635x1607
Net Volume (L) 606
Gross Volume (L) 637
Net Weight (kg) -
Gross Weight (kg) -
Insulation Thickness (mm) 120
Operating Temperature -55 / -86 °C
Set Temperature -86 °C
Power Supply [V] 220 / 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Energy Consumption (24h/Watt) -
Currency (A) -
Backup Battery Life 72 h
Refrigerant R410a /R508b
Color (exterior) RAL7047
Shelves - Drawers 5
Loading Container 20" 18
Loading Container 40" 36
Loading Container 40" HC 36
Loading Truck 13,6 Mt 42

LWF670 -86 ° C ultra low temperature freezer has a cooling system from the shelf, which provides a much more efficient cooling performance compared to the conventional cooling system. Products are cooled directly from the shelf by heat transfer. The extra doors inside the cabinet door ensure that only the required shelf cover is opened when -86 ° C ultra low temperature freezer is opened, and other shelves do not loss heat. Working with a cascade system provided by double compressors, the -86 ° C LWF670 ultra low temperature freezer ensures the long-term safe storage of the most sensitive products at -86 ° C.

Maximum sealing is ensured thanks to the special door handle design and double gasket system.

Thanks to the optional carbon dioxide feeding unit, it is ensured that the products remain at a safe cold temperature for a while in case of any power failure. Reports can be obtained minute by minute both by communication and by the printer on the -86 ° C.

Data is stored for 72 hours in case of power failure. -86 ultra deep freezer can be accessed remotely via wi-fi to monitor temperature changes and inform the user.

Remote access via Wi-fi
Micro SD
(Data storage up to 10 years)
Data Logger (Thermal)
Wide touch screen
Body color (exterior)
Pharmacy Refrigerators
Eco Pharmacy Refrigerators
Blood Bank Refrigerators
Refrigerator / Freezer (Combi)
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Medical Waste Storages
Lyophilization Applicance

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